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Available Tuesdays from February 5 to April 9, 2019
Location: 4800 Douglas Drive North, Crystal, MN 55429

Tax preparation services are provided by AARP

The City of Crystal provides space to AARP for this service. Community Center staff are not trained to answer your questions about  taxes. Please refer any questions to the AARP tax aides.

This is a very busy location, so please plan accordingly.  Taxes are done on a first come first serve basis. 

- A line typically forms outside the south entrance doors prior to the building opening at 8 am.
- Written waiting lists are not accepted.
- Official sign-up list begins at 8 am.
-Unofficial sign-up lists are not accepted.
- Taxes begin at 9 am

For questions regarding this service, visit

Items to bring when you have your taxes done

1. Last year’s tax returns
2. Social Security cards for all taxpayers and dependents.
3. Photo ID
4. All income statements:
        a. W-2s
        b. 1099s (Pension and Distributions from IRAs)
        c. SSA-1099 (Social Security received in 2018)
        d. 1099-INT (interest received in 2018)
        e. 1099-DIV (dividends received in 2018)
        f. Statement of unemployment compensation received
        g. Any other income information received during 2018
5. Mortgage interest paid in 2018
6. Real estate taxes paid in 2018 or Hennepin County 2018 Property Tax Statement
7. Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP) in 2018
8. Hennepin County 2018 Property Tax Statement (not available until March 2019)
Bring a blank check for direct deposit of your refund (used only to verify routing and account information)

AARP Tax Contact

P: 888-687-2277
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