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Edible Courtyard Office

4800 Douglas Dr. N.
P: 763-531-1152

Edible Garden

Volunteer Sign Up
Plantings have begun for the 2021 season! If you are interested in volunteering to help plant and  maintain the garden please sign up with your information here and we will contact you about opportunities. 

To get connected and updated with all that is "growing on" with the garden join the Edible Courtyard Facebook Group

Edible Courtyard at the Crystal Community Center History
In the summer of 2018 we created an Edible Courtyard outside the busy Crystal Community Center. The goal of the courtyard is to provide access to healthy food for residents and visitors free of charge. The motto of the courtyard is “take what you need, and leave the rest.”

Throughout the first growing season many families and individuals were seen in the edible courtyard picking fresh vegetables and herbs. Cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, and green beans were a few examples of the produce that visitors were encouraged to sample and take home.

The courtyard is also a wonderful education venue. As you search through the garden you will find out what is in the garden, as well as how to plant it, pick it and prepare it.

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